Job Description

Shepherd of Music

Served by: Shepherd of Response Ministries

Serves: Musicians, Congregants

Works closely with: Vocal Music Director, Tech Director, Worship Leaders, Response Ministries Project Director

Works: Full time, Exempt


The primary goal of the Shepherd of Music (SOM) is to provide shepherding care for our music community and to advance the vision for the music ministry. In partnership with the Shepherd of Response Ministries, the SOM plays a key role in pursuing alignment in our music ministries with the church mission statement, philosophy of worship, and weekly worship service standards. The SOM will assume the responsibilities of a Music Director (source, write, arrange, and execute necessary tasks for Sunday services and other music ministry endeavors) and carry out the necessary functions to drive the music ministry forward. As a shepherd on our staff, the SOM will participate in various shepherding activities for the church and will be invested in the spiritual well being of Fullerton Free.

Creative Music Administration, Planning, and Rehearsing— 40%

  • Work closely with the Shepherd of Response Ministries & Vocal Music Director to integrate a variety of expressions within our worship services.
  • In-office presence at all Worship Planning and Production meetings; weekly debrief.
  • Weekly tactical & planning work. Includes the detailing of all musical service elements (PCO accuracy).
  • Produce tracks, stems, and sessions for upcoming weeks.
  • Curate compositions*, arrangements, and songs in partnership with the Shepherd of Response Ministries and Vocal Music Director for both Sunday services and other music ministry endeavors.
  • Musician scheduling and communication about services with team members regarding details for Sunday mornings (charts, arrangements, etc.).
  • Conduct and lead all necessary midweek and Sunday pre-service rehearsals for musicians, providing on-mic leadership for in-ear monitors to ensure effective and accurate song arrangements and service flow.
  • Work closely with the tech team to ensure sonic vision is being achieved.
  • At various decided times, may service plan in partnership with the Shepherd of Response Ministries.

Equip and Develop Music Ministry Volunteers— 30%

  • Shepherd the music ministry volunteers, serving the team pastorally (includes planning & leading Community Nights and establishing & building relationships with volunteers to spiritually invest in them).
  • Active participation/leadership in the pre-service prayer time and production meetings.
  • Create and maintain ways to gather and invest in/train musicians both spiritually and musically.

Leading and Developing Future Music Endeavors— 20%

  • Develop and champion new creative music expressions (including providing leadership and coaching for songwriters, arrangers, composers and session musicians)*.
  • Write* and arrange new music as an active expression of how God is moving among us.
  • Lead and champion a process for auditioning, recruiting, and on-boarding all prospective musicians, in partnership with the Shepherd of Response Ministries and Vocal Music Director.

Other Ministry— 10%

  • Participate in various teams, all staff meetings, and other church gatherings.
  • Perform various ministerial responsibilities as needed, including serving as Shepherd On Call.
  • Manage studio space and equipment.
  • Engineer, record and mix audio for various needs across various ministries.

Necessary Qualifications:

  • A mature, personal relationship with Jesus Christ; spiritually mature characteristics of a biblical leader.
  • Shepherding gifts and ability to coach, teach and train volunteers.
  • Developer and a team player.
  • Strong proficiency in musical skill.
  • Strong proficiency in logic, Ableton and other appropriate software.
  • Ability to produce tracks and stems; skills in recording.
  • Proficiency in working with click track, and ability to speak clearly on microphone and direct bands.
  • Ability to arrange music.
  • Appreciation for various musical genres and ability to coach in various musical genres.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Previous successful experience as an MD and/or worship pastor.
  • Ability to lead worship.
  • Skils in songwriting, composing, arranging.
  • Proficiency in multiple musical styles (contemporary worship music, traditional hymnology, jazz, pop, rock, gospel, classical, etc)

Experience Required
6 – 10 years
Education Required
High school diploma
Job Type

Fullerton, California
Evangelical Free
Church Size