Job Description


We are looking for a model Youth Pastor with a passion to recover and lead our church’s middle and high school students to hope in Christ as we see light at end of tunnel in this pandemic. You will be vital to the emotional and spiritual healing for youth and the recapturing of any identity loss. The Youth Pastor must exhibit energy, excitement, vision, persistence, courage, faith and the love of Christ. The Youth Pastor will focus on discipleship and building community among teens while impacting their families with the love of Christ. You will be present in the big moments and not so big moments of a student’s life. You will need to strife for effectiveness in the measures you employ to reach youth and you must have adequate knowledge of the challenges our teens are facing in today’s world.


  • Be prayerful, student of the Word and Holy Spirit guided.
  • Attending and participating in weekly staff meetings.
  • Envisioning our youth ministry and creating opportunities for spiritual growth that leads to service for church and community.
  • Designing or researching curriculum for events and group meetings that foster spiritual growth.
  • Be innovative, opportunistic and available.
  • Be a people person, loving and interacting with youth and their families.
  • Be present with students and celebrate functions on and off campus.
  • Willing to work collaboratively with other dept. heads, team player, servant-hearted.


  • Must have an authentic relationship with Christ and a calling to impact teens.
  • Must have aptitude for teaching and preaching the Word.
  • Previous Youth Ministry experience with a willingness to pursue more formal training.
  • Ability to understand and have infinity for teens and families.
  • Excellent computer and social media skills.
  • Excellent organizational and communicative skills.
  • Wiling to sacrifice, serve, and be inconvenienced for the sake of the body of Christ and be available when service calls.
  • Willing to be congruent in our vision and mission for Christ.
  • Aptitude for risk management and public relations strategy.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
High school diploma
Job Type

Dublin, Georgia
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