Worship and Creative Arts Pastor

Northwest Christian Church | Acworth, Georgia
Job Description

Northwest Christian Church, located in a suburb on the Northwest side of Atlanta, is prayerfully searching for a full-time worship and creative arts pastor to join our growing team. Our current worship and creative arts pastor is leaving to plant a church and we are looking for a dynamic leader to take his place.

Northwest is on a mission to do whatever it takes to help as many people as possible discover Greater Life in Christ not just in Atlanta but around the world. Our worship gatherings are a foundational piece of fulfilling that mission. Every week we gather to hear from God through musical worship, biblical engagement and relational connection and we are seeing God bring new people to our church every single week who are hungry for more.

The ideal candidate for this position will bring the following skills to the table:

- A high EQ. You must know who you are and how God has wired you.

- Solid leadership skills. We don’t just want a talented musician…we need a leader! (Yes…you need high quality musical skills, but we figure that’s implied.)

- Creative, out of the box thinking. Three songs and out is boring. We need someone who can dream a lot bigger than that.

- A pastor’s heart. People matter a lot more than programs and we need someone whose heart beats for people, not planning center.

- A sense of humor. Our senior pastor believes that when in doubt, you go for the laugh. If you can’t work with that, this won’t be a good fit.

- A passion for the Word. We love the Bible…a lot. We need someone who wants to pull up a chair and dig in. No proof-texting allowed!

- A deep love for the local church. We really believe that the local church is the hope of the world, and we are praying for someone who wants to put down roots, invest time and energy, and grow with us. We’re not looking for a mercenary musician who plays a gig and leaves. We want someone who will plug in with their whole family.

In return, here’s what you can expect from us:

- Lots of support and encouragement. Our leadership will fight for you, resource you, encourage you, and extend you lots of grace even when you mess up (which we all do!)

- Decent pay. Salary is negotiable but competitive. We also provide a cell phone for you and your spouse (if applicable), generous time off, a flexible work environment, and whatever tools you need to accomplish the task.

- A dedicated team. Our volunteers are super committed. Our part-time paid tech director is a rock star. Our staff is sold out to the mission and the word “quit” isn’t in our leadership’s vocabulary. You will have the privilege of working with a bunch of people who are really excited about what God is doing in our church and around the world.

- Growth potential. We aren’t just looking for a hired hand to accomplish a task. We will invest in you and your leadership. Whether that’s continuing education, mentoring, conferences, more time out on the lake, whatever, we’re behind you! If you’re not growing, you’re not leading.

If it sounds like you’d be a good fit for this role, please send a resume and some video links of you leading worship. We will reply to all submissions promptly and we will communicate your status in the process regularly, so you won’t be left hanging…that’s the worst!

Please click here for a copy of the job description.

Please send all resumes/links and any questions to [email protected].

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
Job Type

Acworth, Georgia
Christian Church
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