Job Description


The strategic vision of World Baseball Academy is to develop leaders who positively impact our world.

In order to accomplish our WBA vision, we must fulfill our mission. WBA mission is to use the platform of baseball to exemplify excellence and leadership beyond the game.

It is our hope that we can find a Program Director who shares our philosophy, values, and passion to achieve our mission and vision. This position will play a vital role in helping the organization implement and evaluate our outcomes measurements of all WBA programming. The ability to serve the needs of WBA existing staff while seeking ways to increase the impact of WBA programming will be a key part of this position. We are grateful for our Board of Directors and Staff who are dedicated to finding the right person to fit this role within World Baseball Academy.

Please feel free to contact our leadership with an expression of interest or networking referrals or specific candidate recommendations that may be appropriate.

Thank you in advance for your interest and consideration!

Caleb Kimmel, CEO

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
Job Type

Fort Wayne, Indiana
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