Children's Ministry Pastor/Director

Paradise Alliance Church | Paradise, California
Job Description

Children’s Ministry (Birth – 5th Grade)

Paradise Alliance Church, Job Description

Our motivation and mission at PAC is helping every person find and follow Jesus.

Why this position is vital to our church (Purpose):

To encourage parents and children to live out the mission and vision of our church.

You will know you are qualified for this position when (Qualifications):

  • 1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1 are seen in your life and lifestyle.
  • It is evident that Jesus found and saved you and you’re now on the road to following Jesus daily in all actions and decisions. You will know what a vibrant personal relationship with Jesus is because you model it and are able to assist others in their own walk with Jesus.
  • You are a pastor/director who is in step with the Holy Spirit and is aligned with our mission: Helping every person find and follow Jesus.
  • You have the gifts and ability to guide children, volunteer staff and parents in fulfilling the mission of the church.
  • As a pastor/director, you have at least a B.A. and/or other means of teaching, guiding and training children and staff in a growing children’s ministry.
  • You are working toward being licensed and ordained by our District.

You will know you are doing a great job when (Responsibilities):

  • You can uphold the staff culture of Respect, Responsibility, Results and Unity.
  • You can respect and support the Lead Pastor and leadership structure of Paradise Alliance Church.
  • You are working with the Lead Pastor and your assigned Shepherding Elder through reports and yearly evaluations. These reports and evaluations are based on goals, finances, fulfilling our church vision, staff culture and church mission.
  • The following responsibilities are being met:


Perform baptisms

Organized in administrative duties

Diligent manager of the ministries’ budgets

Recruit and mobilize volunteer teams

Get to know our community as it evolves

Effectively collaborate with other ministries.

  • You multiply your ministry by applying Exodus 18 (Jethro principle), Acts 6 (prioritizing and delegating), as well as live out Ephesians 4:11-12 by establishing, leading and delegating teams and team leaders.
  • You work cohesively with the Chico Intern to provide a quality kids ministry experience at the Chico Campus.
  • Prayer is present - Children who understand the wonder and great love of the Heavenly Father through prayer.
  • Groups exist - Children who are encouraging each other to pursue a lifestyle where their identity is determined by a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Outreach occurs - Children who develop a sense of passion that excites them to do what Jesus did on earth.
  • The Bible is engaged - Parents who engage with their children teaching biblical truths.
  • You are providing a secure environment for kids (check in system, background checks, proper emergency training).
  • You are providing a welcoming environment (clean, friendly).
  • You are providing a creative environment (room design is age appropriate and engaging).
  • You are flexible and collaborative with the needs of the church and community by performing other duties as assigned.

Reports to Lead Pastor

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
Job Type

Paradise, California
Christian Missionary Alliance
Church Size