Job Description

The Weekend Experience Director is a part-time role dedicated to creating a meaningful and unforgettable weekend experience every week, both online and in-person, with the aim of moving people forward spiritually. If your passion is to be a guide (both onstage and one-on-one) we want you on our team.

What you bring:

  • A passion for music as a skilled vocalist and musician.
  • Attention to detail (planning, follow up, closing the loop).
  • A passion for excellence and spiritual transformation
  • A drive to recruit, develop, and platform others
  • Confidence and stage presence

Core Accountabilities:

  • Service Planning & Execution
  1. Work with the Lead Pastor to plan all elements of the weekend service flow.
  2. Coordinate workflow for weekend deliverables (videos, features, slides, etc.)
  • Team Development and Management
  1. Develop a team of volunteers and staff to execute a great weekend experience.
  2. Lead band for 3 services on Sundays.
  3. Work with and develop team leaders to manage weekend teams ( AVL, Hospitality)
  • Coordinate with Other Weekend Teams
  1. Coordinate with teams who impact the adult weekend experience (Mid Week Production, First Impression Team, Safety & Security)

Core Expectations:

The Weekend Experience Director is expected to work approximately 6 hours on Sundays as they relate to our weekend services. This would typically include rehearsal, sound checks, leading the worship portions of the service and closing out the building after services have been completed. The remaining hours (14) would typically be completed throughout the week and are flexible to both meet the needs of the Church and the availability of the Weekend Experience Director. The Weekend Experience Director would also be invited to participate in a weekly 60-minute Lead Team Tuesday meeting at 9AM, as well as an all-staff 30-minute video conference on Tuesdays at 10AM.

Send all inquiries and resumes to Gabe Kolstad.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
High school diploma
Job Type

Beaverton, Oregon
Church Size