Job Description

A Christian Preschool and Kindergarten • Ministry of Church of the Saviour

651 North Wayne Avenue • Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087 • 610-688-6342

Employment application at Heritage School website.

Job Title: Director

Position: Salaried, Full-time

Heritage School’s mission is to provide a Biblically based, developmentally appropriate early childhood education through an enriched environment that stimulates curiosity and learning, while nurturing the child's emotional, social and spiritual growth. As a ministry of Church of the Saviour, we seek to transform families and friendships through Jesus Christ. Heritage School is seeking a Director for its Early Childhood Education program.

Duties & Responsibilities:

● Lead with a clear and compelling vision for the Heritage School and Maintain a Culture of Excellence. ● Ensure a strong relationship with the Heritage School Board by keeping the Board informed of finances, enrollment, personnel, parent/student topics, curriculum, accreditation budget and policy. ● Plan, implement and supervise the early childhood program, the biblical integration component, and the child guidance policy. Establish and monitor in conjunction with the faculty a consistent and effective process of curriculum review and evaluation. ● Stay current with ACSI accreditation mandates; meet or exceed state standards. Provide timely submission of state and federal reports. ● Provide spiritual leadership to the staff; establish a consistent and effective process of staff evaluation and professional growth opportunities as per state and accreditation requirements. ● Actively promote student enrollment, fund-raising activities and capital improvement projects. ● Keep parents informed of the school’s philosophy and objectives while reporting student progress on a regular basis. Provide Biblical counsel to families as they work through the process of parenting and providing education for their children. Work with parents and community professionals when Special Services are needed. ● Maintain an active PTO by annually choosing the PTO chair, and approving all of their activities. ● As one of the senior staff members of the church, maintain a positive relationship with all areas of church leadership. Meet with the senior staff, Elder Board and Executive Director at agreed intervals. ● Serve as a liaison to enable appropriate spiritual outreach from COS to Heritage School parents. ● Keep informed of major changes within the structure of the church and assess their possible impact on the school’s program. Work with the Director of Operations for regular safety checks, plans, housekeeping, and ground maintenance.


● Personal commitment to Jesus Christ and solid understanding of the Word of God. There should be evidence of a godly lifestyle on this commitment to Jesus Christ. ● Become a member of Church of the Saviour. ● Be in agreement with Heritage School’s mission statement, developmental philosophy and philosophy of Christian Early Childhood Education. ● Degreed and Certified with teaching experience in Early Childhood and/or Elementary Education; Master’s Degree Preferred. ● Proficiency in Microsoft Office Programs and Experience with Distance Learning Platforms ● Experience in School Administration with demonstrated strong leadership and administrative skills.

Experience Required
> 20 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
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Wayne, Pennsylvania
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