Job Description

Rising Hope Neighborhood Church is seeking a career in this position. See the job description below for details. Applications (Resume and 1 letter of recommendation) must be submitted both via email


Under the pastors and directors of ministry this media/technology position is in charge of the execution of creative elements that enhance worship experiences. This position will include a variety of live events, technical roles including lighting design, event production specialist, and event production volunteer manager. This position deals with a diverse group of employees with varying degrees of technical knowledge focusing on technology setup and lighting design. He/she must be able to communicate with this broad range of users. Independent judgment is required to plan, prioritize and organize a diversified workload. Works independently and within a team to respond to technical needs.

Essential Functions

1. The employee must have a heart for our lord and savior and the community as well as support the vision of Rising Hope Neighborhood Church.

2. Technician for the church’s primary worship venue and support additional venues.

3. Team player on the Rising Hope Neighborhood Church staff.

4. Work to recruit and retain highly functioning volunteers.

5. Develop systems to ensure that all volunteers are equipped and empowered to serve.

6. Support the ministries of the church through the creation of content, technical support for equipment, and training of staff and volunteers.

7. Participate in creative team meetings and contribute ideas, support, and feedback.

8. Conceptualize, layout, and create creative projects to be used for church-wide experiences including weekend services, special events, and ministry opportunities.

9. Create/design lighting plots for all studio/remote location productions and oversee the implementation/execution of these designs.

10. Research media development and deployment software as well as maintain the necessary changes, upgrades, and improvements to media equipment.

11. Be responsible for inventory and re-ordering of lighting equipment, as supported by the production department budget.

12. Manage the care, inventory, and maintenance of all lighting equipment.

13. Help with the operation, maintenance, and installation of a wide range of technologies across the campus - lights, sound, video, computers, cameras, etc.

14. Office hours will be set but are flexible around morning/evening events or other extra church activities.

15. Other duties as assigned.


1. Personal Effectiveness/Credibility

2. Thoroughness

3. Collaboration Skills

4. Flexibility

5. Possessing experience in lighting/electrical services

6. Demonstrating proficiency in AutoCAD

7. Being proficient in Microsoft Office or IMac

8. Showing an understanding of lighting design

9. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite

10. Energy-efficient design experience

11. Prior experience as a Lighting Designer

12. Experience with live streaming software

13. Demonstrated ability in lighting design/execution

14. Demonstrated computer knowledge, as applicable to television production

Supervisory Responsibility

This position has no supervisory responsibilities.

Physical Demands

This would require the ability to move equipment from one location to another and the ability to lift 50 pounds.


Experience Required
Entry level
Education Required
High school diploma
Job Type

Lemoore, California
Christian Church
Church Size