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An exciting role and exceptional opportunity to come in to a context where faith is alive! We’re looking to bring on a vibrant, compelling Worship Arts Pastor to build alongside our incredible TEAM, helping people encounter Jesus in ways that matter and make sense!


Reach Church is an intentional and dynamic church in a community just outside of Omaha, Nebraska.

A church with a storied 49-year history, GOD is in the middle of leading our church through profound and continued revitalization! We have witnessed nearly 400 salvations in just four years. The church has grown from 300 to reaching over 1,300 lives each week by the grace of God and through a strong team along with an intentional approach to life and ministry. This means that people far from Jesus are not only coming to knowledge of Christ for the first time, but Christians are coming alive!

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Leadership: Our Worship Arts Pastor is excited about and responsible for providing overall leadership of our worship ministry and staff (paid & volunteer). This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that the existence and values of Reach Church are realized throughout our worship ministry in a way that speak the cultural language of our community and beyond, all in an effort to help people encounter Jesus.

Worship: Our Worship Arts Pastor is a gifted musician (preference given to guitarists), vocalist, and has an awesome ability to lead others toward an encounter with Jesus through multiple forms of worship including music.

Pastor: Our Worship Arts Pastor is a part of our pastoral staff and can shepherd people with a Spirit-led intentionality and authenticity, in ways that matter and make sense, all in an effort to help people encounter Jesus.

Ideator: Our Worship Arts Pastor is the CIO (Chief Idea Officer) for music and arts. We place high value on innovation and expect that our Worship Arts Pastor will carry the same excitement for engaging relevant ministry, all in an effort to help people encounter Jesus.

Administrator: Our Worship Arts Pastor is adept at administration. They know how to build a plan with specifics, details, and deadlines. They are phenomenal at follow through and don’t require someone to micromanage them at all, and all in an effort to help people encounter Jesus.

Developer: Our Worship Arts Pastor is the chief developer of people, processes, and programs within our worship ministry. They see and place high-value on creating, casting, and carrying vision of our worship ministry while enlisting and developing others, all in an effort to help people encounter Jesus.

Connector: Our Worship Arts Pastor is connected throughout our community and is collaborating with people, engaging them where they're at and inviting them to join us in the journey, all in an effort to help people encounter Jesus.


Character: Possess clear integrity, character, and the qualities of an Elder. You are a person that does what you say you’re going to do, and you seek to do all things with integrity, excellence, and intentionality!

  • Is a 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9 leader
  • A personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Model a life passionate for Jesus Christ and his Kingdom
  • Model a heart committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus and his love with a lost world in making disciples
  • Model a life of personal reliance upon God
  • Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse (if married) second, your family third, and the ministry fourth
  • Demonstrate a deep love for people and model discipleship by teaching and leading in the context of God-honoring relationships
  • Honor the tithe by giving of your income to the ministry of the local church
  • Be loyal to the existence, values, and staff of Reach Church and always seek to protect the unity of the church
  • Invest and invite the lost to know Jesus and engage at Reach Church
  • Solid prayer life
  • Legit devotional process designed to grow in God
  • Takes minsitry seriously; doesn't take themselves too seriously (can laugh)

Education: Relevant, successful ministry experience with a coachable spirit and consummate desire to learn and lead is essential. A Bachelor’s degree would be great; equivalent experience will be considered.

Experience: A minimum of three years working in a successful, growing worship ministry as the primary Worship Arts Pastor or as part of a worship staff with substantial leadership responsibilities, which includes frequent development and experience leading on Sunday.

Staffing: Quality experience identifying, recruiting, training, and empowering quality, consistent, high-capacity leaders to serve alongside you.

Success: A clear record of growing a worship ministry in spirit and breadth including metrics as well as testimonies of life transformation and spiritual development in both students and leaders.


  • Paid staff leadership and successful management will go a long way, but a clear record of developing volunteers will be strongly considered; Experience in leading more than 20 ministry staff and key volunteers will be a BIG plus!
  • Someone that is naturally extroverted.
  • Quality experience leading or serving on a worship staff at a church of 1,000+ would help you a lot!


  • This is a full-time position!
  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Benefits include: salary, housing, retirement acct, paid-time-off, sabbatical, health insurance, ministry expense acct
  • Reviews annually


NOTE: All inquiries and applications should be sent to [email protected]

(1) Please visit our website: Reach Church. Be sure to know who we are, what we're called and committed to as a church, and consider why you would want to experience life and ministry with us.

(2) Do not call the office at this time. Qualified applicants are encouraged to email a (1) resume, (2) cover letter, and (3) links to any relevant videos to be considered.

(3) Once we have receieved your resume, cover letter, and links, we will be sending out a Reach Church Worship Pastor Prospectus with more information about the church and the opportunity.

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Some college
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Blair, Nebraska
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