Lead Pastor of New Church Experience Campus (church planting)

Church Experience | Dunedin, Florida
Job Description

Church Experience is a dynamic, 6 year old church, that is passionate about our vision of being 'one church with many experiences'. This Lead Pastor (church planting) opportunity involves leading (and preaching most of the time) at a new CE location you start (in a city you prayerfully select)! We have four campuses currently in two Florida locations and one Pennslyvania location (6 services total plus online services) with other upcoming locations in various stages of consideration/planning. We work extremely hard at 'helping more people experience a full life in Jesus Christ!' and have a lot of fun in the process! You can learn more about Church Experience at: www.churchexperience.tv

This opportunity consists of selecting a location, building a launch team, and raising funds to launch (this is initially a self-funded role, but we train you and provide lots of systems/help/support in raising launch funds). Launch funds come from Church Experience, your personal fundraising, and the tithes & offerings of your growing Launch Team. We have powerful systems, a helpful team, big vision, experience in successfully launching large, and many available tools/resources/people to help you start faster and we believe, be much better by doing it together long term! Our model is to have a Lead Pastor at each location who leads and preaches around 70%+ of the time (supplemented by Central Campus messages on video). High flexibility for envisioning unique local groups, local outreach, building your team, etc... are anticipated, but an incredidlbe amount of time and money are saved by combining things you don't need to replicate since we are one church (kids curriculum and background check process, database, website/app, software, graphic design, support for your additional online service, tons of supplies, forms/guidelines, online giving, giving statements, financial reports/tracking, and countless other details if alternately starting alone). Church Experience is "one church with many experiences". We are looking for a great leader/communicator who loves building God's Church within a healthy team context!

Job Description

>Dynamic preacher

>Inspiring leader & team builder

>Experience in growing a group/service/ministry (will be building up to a big/quick launch from a small team)

>Fundraiser (will need to raise funds through personal network & other churches, lots of help/training provided by experienced fundraiser)

>Some college level education necessary (but degree completion not always required)

Requirements to Apply

>Ability to start planning and fundraising relatively soon (but relocation to your target city not needed immediately)

>Successful ministry experience valued over formal education, but some ministry/Bible education may be required

>Items to include in resume (recent preaching/teaching video, primary ministry experiences listed with start/end dates, education, contact info, & social media accounts)

Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Some college
Job Type

Dunedin, Florida
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