Job Description

Position Type: Full-time, seasonal

  • 5 weeks at the beginning of summer (June 7-July 10)
  • 4 weeks at the end of summer (July 12-Aug 7)
  • Full summer (June 7-Aug 7)

Supervision: Senior Activity Leader

Job Summary: Activity leaders make up the largest portion of LAF staff at Camp Blessing. All LAF staff are tasked with creating a nurturing, positive, and professional environment while promoting camp policies and procedures amongst staff, volunteers and community. Activity Leaders will instruct, supervise, and provide physical assistance to all participants while teaching God’s truth amidst the fun! Activities are broken up into two categories: specialty, and non-specialty. Specialty Activity Leaders will be required to complete extra training and/or certification at the pre-camp required staff training, in order to run the following activities: Ropes, Horse Wrangler and Lifeguard. Non-specialty Activity Leaders will be responsible for running the rest of the camp activities, including: archery, arts and crafts, fishing/canoeing, water games, music and costume closet. Ensuring safety, encouraging participation, and creating a fun and transformational experience for participants should be made priority as a staff member.

  • Ropes Instructor*: Do you love the adrenaline rush of being suspended on a high platform? This position may be for you! As a Ropes Instructor, you will be stationed either at our giant swing or on our 50 foot high platform, helping campers and volunteers safely utilize our zipline and rock climbing wall. Training will be completed in order to ensure proper suspension of participants, as well as to include other safety precautions that candidates will need to be aware of. The ropes activities can be very intimidating to participants, so positive encouragement, connection to trusting God, and knowing when to stop pushing are essential job roles. None-the-less, these activities are usually camp favorites!
  • Wranglers*: These staff members ideally have previous horse handling experience and are confident being around such animals. They will assist in the care of the horses and creatively and safely facilitate the interactions and riding experiences for the campers. Horse and/or hippotherapy experience is preferred but not required.
  • Lifeguards*: Previous lifeguarding experience is a plus, however, it is not required. Lifeguards will receive lifeguard certification, as well as CPR certification. Safety of our participants is of utmost importance in all activities. Water safety is no exception. Lifeguards will be responsible for all water activities, including: lake and pool festivities.
  • Worship Leader: Sharing the gospel with our campers, volunteers, and staff is the foundation of Camp Blessing. Through music and singing, this candidate will spread the word of the Lord in a fun and catchy manner. Our camp community will be rejoicing in His name through Gospel music to reinforce our daily devotionals. Ability to play an instrument and sing is required for this position.

Note: * indicates specialty activity

Job Duties:

  • Follow policies and procedures to ensure all individuals in your care will have fun in a safe environment
  • Provide supervision, instruction, and verbal and physical assistance to all participants
  • Ensure that the needs of the individuals in your care are met with active supervision and attention throughout the day
  • Work individually or in conjunction with other Activity Leaders to implement safe activities
  • Get to know the campers as individuals. Find out their likes and dislikes and relate the Gospels into their day at camp
  • Positively encourage participation
  • Maintain a tidy space and ensure all equipment is maintained and returned to its appropriate location
  • Act as an integral member of the LAF Staff (ie. participate in required activities and meetings), provide input, instruction, and fulfill assignments as directed by Senior Activity Leaders/Leadership Team
  • Administer behavior protocol as directed
  • Administer all medical protocol as directed
  • Complete and submit all required paperwork by set deadlines including; Incident reports, and other required paperwork.
  • Communicate all pertinent issues affecting the activities to Senior Activity Leaders or Full time staff in a timely manner
  • Assist in preparation, set-up, and take-down of parties
  • Monitors safety of all aspects of the program and participants


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Previous experience in working with individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities is preferred but not required
  • Demonstrated history of responsibility, dependability, and maturity
  • Ability to consistently lift, carry and load adaptive and other sports equipment that may weigh 50 or more pounds, and sustain aerobic activity for 20 consecutive minutes
  • Commitment to a high energy, positive, fun, and team-oriented working environment
  • Fulfill additional duties that are allocated to you during your time at camp
  • Report any concerns regarding child protection to your Administrative Team
  • Make reasonable adjustments to accommodate and understand the requirements of participants in your group

Required Skills:

  • Ability to multitask
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability and problem solving
  • Time management
  • Behavioral de-escalation
  • Positivity, enthusiasm, and encouragement
  • Ability to work independently AND as a team member
  • Effective communication with campers, volunteers, and staff

Pay and Benefits:

  • Starting at $175/week and up based on experience and tenure with Camp Blessing Texas
  • Free room and board during while working
  • Creating professional networking with college students from across the Country

All successful candidates must be able to pass a background check and will be required to complete a staff training and orientation program.

Experience Required
Entry level
Education Required
High school diploma
Job Type

Brenham, Texas
Christian Church