Student Pastor (with Media Responsibilities)

Forestville Baptist Church | Greenville, South Carolina

Job Description

Primary Purpose: The primary purpose of this position is to lead students (6 th through 12 th graders) to become fully

devoted followers of Christ. Secondarily, the student pastor will take on the responsibility of media manager.

Key Beliefs, Personality, and Attitude:

I. A Christian that believes in the infallible Word of God.

II. Agree with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (FBC is a Southern Baptist Church).

III. Good organizational skills and the ability to grow a ministry.

IV. A humble and teachable attitude.

V. Have a soteriological set of beliefs that hold to the understanding that God sent His son to die for everyone and

that anyone can be saved if they call on the Lord for salvation. In this respect, FBC would not label itself


Key Relationships:

I. Report to: Senior Pastor

II. Work well with other FBC staff and ministry leaders

III. Supervise: volunteer teams to accomplish the mission

Key Responsibilities for Student Pastor: (estimated 30 hours each week)

I. Be the primary teaching communicator of God’s Word to our students on Wednesday nights.

II. Make the weekly Wednesday night gathering: 1) Christ-centered, 2) abundantly welcoming, and 3) the “most

fun night of the week.”

III. Recruit, train, and lead adult volunteers for youth small groups (Sunday Morning and Wednesday nights).

IV. Perform Standard Pastoral Duties - Attend Staff Meetings, perform ministry visits, develop and operate within

ministry budget, etc.

V. Build relationships with the students outside of regular church gatherings.

VI. Help plan and lead student events with the assistant of adult volunteers (coordinating with the overall church


Key Responsibilities for Media Manager: (estimated 10 hours each week)

I. Post at least one image/graphic each week on Forestville’s social media platforms highlighting an upcoming


II. Post at least one photo each week (when applicable) on Forestville’s social media platforms highlighting an event

that just occurred. (Note: This person would not be required to attend all events just to get a photo. Rather, they

could just ask someone that attended the event to text them a picture to be used.)

III. Work with media ministry volunteers to shoot, edit, and post to social media at least one short video (1-3 minutes)

in the video room each week to highlight an upcoming event or other important announcement. Coordinate with

other staff members or church members to come to the video room for filming. Those videos can also be attached

to the weekly email that goes out to all members.

IV. Work with media ministry volunteers to identify a short 20 – 30 second excerpt from Pastor Dusty’s sermon each

week that captures an important point to be posted on social media platforms. (Note: The 20 – 30 seconds you

choose to highlight is up to your discretion).

V. Work with media ministry volunteers to produce baptism videos with baptism candidates (when applicable). A

baptism video is a “very” short video highlighting someone testimony, which is played on the big screens just prior

to someone getting baptized on Sunday morning. Other pastors will be available to assist in talking with the


VI. Keep Forestville’s website calendar and graphics/images fresh when necessary.

Church Description

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Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
Job Type

Greenville, South Carolina
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