Job Description

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Director of Youth Ministry

Full-time: Salaried

HOURS: 40-Plus Hours per week

Experience: Some desired

Education: Bachelors in biblical studies, Director of youth ministry. Preaching ministry desired. (Will look at those with some Biblical classes)

BENEFITS: Business Expense Allowance, housing allowance

Vision for Position: To and lead develop Students in their faith making life long disciples for Jesus by teaching equipping and leading students in your ministry (in the areas of group building, worship, discipleship, mission, and outreach) while serving as a spiritual leader and role model.

Organizational Relationship and Supervision: The Youth Minister reports to the Head Minister and elders for spiritual and ministry guidance. The Head Minister, works and communicate with the Elders. The Youth Minister will be responsible for leading students to spiritual maturity and teach Biblically sound teachings. Attendance at the following meetings is expected: Weekly Staff Meetings, Board Meetings, Elder’s Meetings

The Primary Task:

To set a vision to of the youth ministry at all levels (6-12th Grade) in all ministry areas of the local church. This comprehensive approach is based on the understanding of the primary task of youth ministry to:

  • Meet and Love youth where they are
  • Get Engaged in the life of your students
  • Encourage youth in developing their own relationship with God
  • Give students opportunities to lead
  • Challenge students to respond to God’s call to serve in their communities and world
  • Mentor and train youth in future leaders


1. Be an outlet for youth and educate the congregation about the hopes, concerns and needs of youth in the local church and community.

2. Be involved in the community in a number or ways ( After prom, going to games, possibly coaching, etc..) Making a effort to spend hours outside of the office at ball games, graduation parties, and other events that may occur. Being present in the community is a must for this position at RSCC.

3. Help plan, develop, and implement all aspects of a balanced youth ministry in the areas of group building, worship, discipleship, mission, and outreach.

4. Build a support system to Mentor youth in developing their leadership skills.

5. Be aware of resources for developing the youth ministry programming and participate in continuing education events and training opportunities.

6. Recruit and train volunteers who work with youth in all aspects of youth ministry and ensure adequate volunteer support and adult to youth ratios.

7. Coordinate Sunday school curriculum for youth and recruit teachers.

8. Work to effectively reach youth in the community and develop a strategic youth ministry outreach plan.

9. Manage youth budget and other expenses

10. Make yourself available to youth in a variety of ways (i.e. lunch at school, attendance at extracurricular activities, visitation, times of crisis, etc.

11. Participate in the community after Prom.

12. Be present at both Sunday services, and worship in at least one of them.

13. Will be called on to preach 3-5 times a year.

14. Most be willing to work with the team to benefit RSCC.

15. Understand that their may be things that come up that our not in the description that you may need to help with or lead here at RSCC

Qualifications and Aptitudes:

1. Must be called by God.

2. Must embrace Christian discipline and Christian Church/Church of Christ doctrine and theology.

3. Must have his/her own personal faith.

4. Must understand Scripture and be able to apply it to students

5. Must have vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement a youth ministry.

6. Must be a driven self-starter and hard worker.

7. Must be willing to work in a team environment.

Experience Required
Entry level
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
Job Type

Rising Sun, Indiana
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