Job Description
The Associate Pastor will work, under the supervision of the Senior Pastor, to enhance the total ministry of Mount Moriah. Effectiveness will be measured through the spirit in which duties are carried out, the skills exhibited in communication with church members committees and other staff, and the timeliness with which routine as well as special assignments are accomplished. The concept of ministry for our church’s staff is that it is a team ministry. Therefore, there will be occasions when duties not covered in the job description will be expected to be performed.

 A personal relationship with Christ and a sense of God’s call
ï‚· An on-going student of the Bible
ï‚· A Christian witness through personal evangelism and ministry
ï‚· Motivation and commitment to serve through a local Baptist church
ï‚· Abilities for church growth, leadership training, human relationships, and administration
ï‚· Evidence of Christian morals and ethics through a personal/family lifestyle
ï‚· Experienced or will to be trained in computer literacy and skills
ï‚· Affirmation of the mission and core values of Mount Moriah Baptist Church
ï‚· Have a spirit of Christian love, interest, and fellowship with other people
ï‚· Cooperate with the pastor and other ministers in supporting and correlating various ministries into the total ministry of the church
ï‚· It is strongly recommended that this person hold a four-year degree from an accredited institution

Ministerial Functions:
The Associate Pastor will assist the Pastor as directed in the following areas:
ï‚· Share in pastoral visitation involving hospital calls, shut-ins, and prospect, as well as other crisis situations
ï‚· Be available for counseling weddings (after ordination), and funerals either with or in the absence of the pastor
ï‚· Share the pulpit ministry in the absence of the pastor or as needed by the pastor
ï‚· Assist Senior Pastor in the planning, conducting, and evaluating of all congregational services as requested
ï‚· Serve as a resource person to the leaders of our church educational programs
ï‚· Assist in providing leadership training for our congregation.

The Associate Pastor will assist the Senior Pastor in leading our church in an outreach ministry to our community. He will involve other members in an intentional plan of outreach. He will report outreach goals and results to the Senior Pastor on a quarterly basis. He will assist the Senior Pastor in making sure that all guests of Mount Moriah, who are prospective members, are contacted in a timely manner. As his time permits, he will seek to personally visit with guests who request a meeting.

The Associate Pastor will assist the Senior Pastor in leading our church to be involved in mission work in our community and in other areas as opportunities permit. He should participate in local church mission projects when possible. He will encourage members to be involved in missions.

Administrative Functions:
ï‚· Participate in weekly staff meetings; meet with Church Council to set goals and objectives for the church
ï‚· Participate in training events to enhance professional development
ï‚· Participate in the preparation of the annual church budget
ï‚· The Senior Pastor delegates day-to-day administrative concerns to each member of the staff, as he deems appropriate

Work Schedule:
This position will require set office hours, participation in worship and church activities, and unstructured ministry hours.
Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Bachelor’s degree
Job Type

Raleigh, North Carolina
Baptist: SBC
Church Size