Job Description
Purpose of the Job: The main duties of the Creative Arts Pastor are to facilitate passionate, God-centered worship within the people of City Hope Church (all campuses) through worship experiences which emphasize truth, excellence, creativity, and musicianship; to direct and manage the administrative and managerial duties; to provide oversight and guidance to the worship, production and creative teams; to develop and train capable worship ministers into the growing and multi-faceted worship ministries of City Hope Church, developing and implementing training processes, modules and trainers; to gain and maintain full knowledge and responsibility for the overall production, coordination, management, development, and supervision of all media related needs of City Hope Church, including graphic art, editorial, video production, public relations, printing, advertising, website, and mobile apps. The Creative Arts Director will provide pastoral leadership in all areas of the City Hope Worship, Production and Creative Ministries.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
- Team Builder Mentality
- Make every effort to bring the vision of City Hope Church to life
- Oversee, lead, direct, and manage the staff and the many processes of worship ministry development, worship production, worship assimilation and worship leadership development at all campuses of City Hope Church
- Oversee, direct, lead and manage the Creative Team and Production Department (graphic art, editorial, video production, public relations, printing, advertising, website/apps) to ensure that music, video, audio, and other technical elements are in place each week.
- Provide leadership to the production leader: lead in the process of recruiting, training and developing the talent of the team, as well as shepherding the team in the discipleship process.
- Develop and implement methodology and protocol for the administrative management of the creative arts staff at City Hope Church
- Provide pastoral leadership and team-approach leadership in all aspects of worship ministry, creative arts and production ministry at City Hope Church
- Supervise and schedule all related media needs (graphic art, editorial, video production, public relations, printing, and advertising) across all City Hope campuses
- Provide leadership and oversight to the worship leader helping them achieve success. Attend required rehearsals and training nights.
- Oversee posting of chord charts, MP3s and other necessary elements for the teams each week.
- Participate in all creative meetings. This includes directing and scheduling overall programming and execution of creative elements in the worship experience (ie. Props, songs, video elements, etc).
- Stay current with pop culture as it relates to design and style in both the church and the general market as well as trends in video production, public relations, printing, advertising, and implementation.
- Develop innovative methods to take City Hope Church worship, creative, and production to next level.
- Provide leadership to build, direct, coordinate and develop the worship teams of City Hope Church.
- Oversee, direct, lead and manage the process of equipping for worship.
- Plan for resource needs of projects and appropriately assign team members to tasks.
- Be available for additional projects on an as-needed basis
- Other responsibilities as assigned by the Sr. Pastor.

- Positive attitude
- Heart of a servant
- Fun/enjoyable
- Loyal
- Must share the vision of City Hope to fulfill the Great Commission with integrity and passion
- Maintain the God-ordained priorities in your life putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse second, children third and the ministry fourth.
- Give at least 10% of your income into the vision of City Hope Church
- Strive to keep unity and maintain charity of faith toward others (James 3:1, Romans 14, 15:1-5)
- Love God
- Love People
- Pursue Excellence
- Choose Joy

Other Duties and Responsibilities:
- Strong pastoral leadership
- Mastery at corporate management
- Highly developed administrative skillset
- Experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of worship, production and creative arts leadership and development
- Solution-oriented
- Positive attitude and positive approach to problem-solving
- Able to execute quick & professional decisions
- Eager to take on a challenge and be an agent of positive change

Relational Connections:
Administrative staff, pastoral staff, worship teams, worship leaders, worship teams, creative team, production team, and congregation members.

Key Performance Measurements
- Team Builder Mentality: Recruit, train and release people into ministry.
- Direction and oversight given to worship, production and creative teams.
- Provide professional and pastoral leadership to teams you oversee.
- Excel in building and implementing systems and protocols for Worship Department and Creative/Production Teams
- Excel in building, raising up, and releasing worshippers who are strong in character, theology, skill, and leadership
- Musical rehearsals conducted in a professional and pastoral manner
- Job performance indicators as listed in Pastoral and Management Evaluation.

*This description is not all inclusive, and other duties may be assigned as necessary.
Experience Required
1 – 5 years
Education Required
Some college
Job Type

Wichita Falls, Texas
Church Size