Warren Woods Baptist Church

Warren, Michigan


Warren Woods began in 1953 in a storefront on Gratiot Avenue in Roseville, Michigan. Having purchased land and constructing a new building, the church relocated to Groveland Avenue in July 1956. In 1964, the church moved to its present location on Twelve Mile Road in Warren, Michigan.

Warren Woods is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest protestant denomination in the world. This means we are an autonomous body of believers who voluntarily align ourselves with other Southern Baptists because we share similar doctrinal, philosophical, and missional values. We are also affiliated with the Motor Cities Metro Baptist Association and the Alliance of Warren Evangelicals. We are conservative in our view of scripture, progressive in our methods, and liberal with our love for others.

Our Church Vision:
We seek to be a community of disciples that produces followers of Jesus who love God and love others.

Our Church Identity:
We are a gathering of imperfect people that belong to the perfect example of Jesus: worshipping together, fellowshipping in small communities, and seeking the good of our neighbors near and far all for the glory of God.

Our Church Values:
- Community - We welcome others as Christ has welcomed us, so that we can humbly serve one another, carry each other’s burdens and grow in spiritual maturity together.
- Worship - We believe God alone is worthy of the authentic, heartfelt expression of our love for Him, praising Him in a way that is reflected in our actions.
- Discipleship - We intentionally build and strengthen our knowledge of God’s Word through personal and corporate study, continuously establishing believers in the faith and equipping spiritually mature leaders.
- Outreach & Missions - We are relying on God’s direction through His Word when ministering to and serving others near and far, following God’s example.

About the surrounding community:
Warren Woods Baptist Church is located in Warren, MI. Warren is a suburb of Detroit, located about 15 miles north of downtown Detroit. Within a few miles of the church, one can find a number of restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping. We are located across from a campus of the Macomb Community College. The surrounding community consists of a diverse collection of ethnicities and ages. For more information, check out Warren’s website www.cityofwarren.org/

Warren, Michigan
Baptist: SBC
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